How to do Pedicure ?

Pedicure is a cosmetic treatments for feet and toe nails,three sessions to complete the pedicure. First step is clean feet and toes nail. The most relax part of the pedicure is the massage. Last session, apply polish on nail toes . That’s way early detection of problems, decreases chances of infections, preserves skin’s moisture, exfoliates the feet, promotes circulation, relaxes the body. Both men and women can get manicure treatments in the nail salons, spa or even at home.
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How to do Manicure ?

Follow our How to Pedicure At Home Tips to get your feet looking Pedicure Perfect without going to salon. Give pedicure to your feet at home at your convenience to enhance your overall beauty and personality. Spend a little time in doing at home pedicure and you will get your feet looking pretty and stunning in no time. .
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How to do Acrylic Nail ?

Acrylic nails are known for being a sturdier, longer lasting alternative to gel nails. The acrylic is applied over your natural nail, and can also be used to extend your natural nail. You mix a liquid (called a monomer) with a powder (called a polymer) and then apply the mixture to your nail where it will harden. .
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How to do Gel Manicure ?

Gel nail polish is an amazing thing and it’s really popular these days for a lot of great reasons. Gel nail polish will last a lot longer than a regular manicure. It’s also a lot less damaging to do this sort of manicure than to do any sort of acrylic manicure. .
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How to do French Tips Gel Manicure ?

A gel manicure lasts a lot longer than a regular manicure, and it is a lot less damaging to your nails than an acrylic manicure. It does take a while to do, but when you consider that your nails will be chip free for up to three weeks, you are saving lots of time in the long run. .
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      Needed a place downtown for an acrylic fill before I left for vacation - was recommended to try this place by a friend who lives in Allentown. Glad I did! Fast service, clean, friendly, good prices! Happy to have a nail salon down the road from my work in case I'm in a bind again!
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      First pedicure ever and did it with two friends. Nice massaging chair and friendly staff. Looking forward to going back this was really nice and relaxing. There's 4 pedicure chairs so next time we will have to bring someone else.
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      My sister and I went here last week for a pre-vacation first pedicure of the season. It's not fancy, but it is clean and efficient, and we were both really happy with the outcome. The staff were friendly and personable. I've looked for a non-spa pedi place in Allentown/Elmwood Village before, with no luck. Glad this place is here!