- Natural Manicure: First your nails will be filed and shaped before a nice relaxing soak to soften cuticles. Then the cuticle will be gently pushed back, nipped if needed, your nails will be beveled and buffed and then your cuticles will be conditioned with high quality cuticle oil. Afterwards you will receive a generous massage to stimulate blood flow and relax your arm and hand. Last, your nails will be prepped for paint and then painted to create a fantastic and professional finish.

- Deluxe Manicure: A manicure that will beautify your natural nails as well as nourish your hands and cuticle. A Deluxe manicure is enhanced with an application of body polish top mask to smooth your hands and arms, a massage with a SpaManicure Crytal Activator, SpaManicure Exfoliating Crystals and then hot towels apply with pressure. Your hands are then nestled in warm herbals mitts before proceeding on with your polishing or buff. We suggest a Deluxe Manicure to maintenance your nails in optimum health.

Spa Pedicure

- Natural Pedicure: Relax and enjoy our freshly sanitized, human touch massage spa pedicure chairs as we recondition your hard working feet. Your feet will be sanitized and old polish will be removed. Next you will get to lay back and unwind as your feet get to soak in a whirlpool filled with warm, scented and salted water. While you are soaking a highly qualified professional nail technician will trim, file and shape your nails. Then your cuticles will be gently pushed back and nipped as needed. Hard dry skin on the bottom of your foot and heel will be gently removed and your entire foot will be exfoliated and buffed. Then, a stimulating massage from the knee down to your toes will be performed to enhance circulation. Last, your toes will be prepped for paint and then painted to create a fantastic and professional finish.

- Deluxe Pedicure: This treatment will give you a lighter step after this delightful service. Enjoy a luxurious peppermint foot soak in a refreshing whirlpool foot-bath to relaxing and soothing soak, leaving your feet refreshed, and prepared for nail and cuticle care, calluses removed, a aromatic lavender sea scrub exfoliation treatment and following with a moisturizing cream which is applied to your legs, feet and relaxing massage treatment. A professional base and top-coat complete the service.In addition to the services provided in the Deluxe Pedicure, this lovely treatment gives you more: creative sea salt soak, Ice mineral marine mask and warm towel wrapping your feet.

- Kitty Pedicure: Your little child deserves a pedicure too! Trimming, shaping and buffing the toe nails, cleaning cuticle and lotion, finishing with polish.

Nail Enhancements

We offer various options of nail enhancements such as Acrylic Nails, Solar Nails, Pink & White Nails, Gel Nails and the associated fills and maintenance needed to help you have the best looking nails possible. we also offer Nail Repair, Polish Change, French Tips, Nail Art, Air Brush Nail Art, Overlays and many other nail enhancements.


We offer facial waxing and specialize in eyebrow arching. Waxing is an effective method of removing large amounts of unwanted hair at one time. It removes hair with its roots, not just at the skin surface as with shaving. Re-growth of the hair usually takes at least two weeks or more.

People love us on Yelp

  • "Molly D. Buffalo, NY"

    Needed a place downtown for an acrylic fill before I left for vacation - was recommended to try this place by a friend who lives in Allentown. Glad I did! Fast service, clean, friendly, good prices! Happy to have a nail salon down the road from my work in case I'm in a bind again!
  • "Derek G.Buffalo, NY"

    First pedicure ever and did it with two friends. Nice massaging chair and friendly staff. Looking forward to going back this was really nice and relaxing. There's 4 pedicure chairs so next time we will have to bring someone else.
  • "Bethany M. Buffalo, NY"

    My sister and I went here last week for a pre-vacation first pedicure of the season. It's not fancy, but it is clean and efficient, and we were both really happy with the outcome. The staff were friendly and personable. I've looked for a non-spa pedi place in Allentown/Elmwood Village before, with no luck. Glad this place is here!